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How to read and understand a Guide for applicants (I & II)

Price: 80.00 € (IVA incl.)

Objective : The aim of this class is to attentively read and truly understand (interpret) what the European Commission requires in a Guide for applicants that is intended to guide applicants through the process of proposal preparation. A secondary aim is to learn/improve knowledge on EU politics, procedures and instruments.

Main target group: NGOs, including foundations and associations, trade unions and public sector (universities) as well as consulting companies working in development cooperation projects and willing to improve their knowledge on EC funding instruments may be interested in this class. Independent consultants already working in the field may require an update as well as international grant-makers may find useful tips when applying for a call themselves or when launching their own calls. Experience and knowledge in international development cooperation are not requested.

Structure: This class (divided in two parts) provides guidance through the understanding and interpretation of an EC Guide for applicants. As an example, the speaker selects a Guide published by DG Justice on its web portal applying to a number of EU programmes. Every paragraph of the Guide is analyzed in detail offering important tips on what the EC is looking for specifically in a proposal presented under a call.

Duration: This class is divided in two parts. The first part lasts 50 minutes and 47 seconds. The second part lasts 35 minutes and 52 seconds.

Material provided: Slides related to this class can be downloaded.

Time use and Validity Account: 1 year from the first access

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