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It is important for us to tell you that the work we have done until now and will continue to do for the development of these classes and entire course is a further guarantee of the commitment we constantly devote to "e-learning" that we see as an effective tool for knowledge dissemination. In this direction, we believe in investing on quality of content and technological innovation. 

We have developed several classes on the subject of P.C.M. (Project Cycle Management) mainly related to Euro-projects, that can be purchased individually or collectively in a course module.
As you can see, the access to our classes and course is safe. It provides a virtual environment where you can enjoy some private space while being trained on what you need most. You can enter such space every time you wish and can also pick up where you left off. 
The format of our classes is rather simple and engaging. In order for us to have more direct contact with you, we have thought of using videos along with some textual animations and slides that can be downloaded for every class. Sometimes you will find that some sentences or words are underlined or highlighted in different colours. It is when we consider that the content is of particular relevance or added value, thus to be taken into better account. 
If you wish to contact the speaker directly in order to discuss of the specific content of a class, we thought to provide you with an additional virtual space of 1hour to interact even more efficiently and effectively, also allowing for ideas on new courses to be shared and developed. This is under request only.
A navigation interface makes it possible to surf as you see fit, stop, read and print any material it looks interesting to you. 
We would also like to tell you that our e-learning platform and all related classes and the course are going to be disability-friendly in the near future. This means that international standard criteria in the field will be fully satisfied and people with disabilities will soon be able to access the training too.
Now and then, we have thought to offer you some update on several subjects related to the classes and course herewith presented through the use of a newsletter and some knowledge pills - work in progress - that you may find interesting and fun to read.
To attend an e-learning course not only it allows you to keep informed on subjects of your interest and to develop new ones if you wish, but it also fosters our role in facilitating knowledge dissemination. Thus thank you very much for your trust in our work.
We will make sure to be up to it and do remain open to suggestions for improvement.
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